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Villavicencio: "Modern architecture was taught at the School of Architecture, considering the particularities of the place, such as the orientations and the hot and rigorous summer climate"

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As part of the curatorial program Épica: feats of Argentine design, we spoke with Susana Villavicencio about the School of Architecture of Tucumán and its impact on the academic field of the region.

Susana Villavicencio is an architect, has a master's degree in the History of Latin American Architecture and Urbanism and a PhD candidate in the Doctorate in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the National University of Tucumán. She is an associate professor at the FAU-UNT and Co-director of the Institute of History and Heritage of the same university, where she also directs the research project "The architecture of the 20th century of the NOA: analysis and critical appraisal". He has published articles on the architecture and urbanism of the Modern and Late Modern Movement of Tucumán and the NOA.

The person interviewed is Salvatore Murena, an architecture student at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the University of Buenos Aires, who performs volunteer work at the IDA Foundation, related to the creation of heritage, preventive conservation, cataloging, dating and digitization of documents and designer pieces.

Epic: Feats of Argentine Design is a multi-format curatorial program that reviews a century of history, through the collection of Fundación IDA and other archives. During June and July, we presented the 2nd chapter, 1950.

Susana Villavicencio