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Villanueva: “Posters produced by the Postal Savings Bank between the 30s and 50s were figurative and clear in their messages related to saving in childhood, work and effort”

To close the 1st chapter of the curatorial program “EPIC: feats of Argentine design”, the coordinator of Fundación IDA Mora Caraballo interviews the artist and curator of contemporary art Santiago Villanueva, who specializes in investigating archives on historical issues.

The dialogue revolves around the design of the National Postal Savings Bank and mail art, as well as Villanueva's participation in the curatorial team of the series of exhibitions on art and mail exhibited at the CCK in 2015. You can watch the interview on our YouTube channel.

Santiago Villanueva is an artist and curator of contemporary art, editor of Segunda Epoz Magazine and professor at the National University of the Arts (Argentina). He directed the expanded area of ​​influence of the New Energy Museum of Contemporary Art (La Ene-2011-2018); He was curator of the Bellos Jueves cycle at the National Museum of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires (2014-2015) and pedagogical curator of the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires (between 2016 and 2017). He has curated the exhibition "Traitors the days they fled" by the artist Roberto Jacoby, together with Fernando Farina at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rosario, Argentina. With Fernanda Laguna and Rosario Zorraquín he coordinated Spazio de arte (2019). He has published The Pink Surrealism of Today (Iván Rosado), Mental Relationships. Eduardo Costa (Tamayo Museum), First Mounted Painting. Juan Del Prete (Roldan Moderno) and Mariette Lydis (Iván Rosado).

Mora Caraballo studied a degree in Museology and Management of Cultural Heritage from the University of the Argentine Social Museum. He co-directs Jóvenes del Moderno, a project belonging to the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires. She is co-founder of Humans In Museums, a virtual museum that portrays human experiences within cultural institutions and exhibition spaces in Latin America through the publication of photographs, interviews and writings.

“EPIC: feats of Argentine design” is a multi-format curatorial program that reviews a century of history, through the collection of Fundación IDA and other archives. During April and May, we presented the 1st chapter, 1920–1940.