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Varsky: “Design generates effects that act socially and politically”

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In this interview, Cecilia Loboda talks with Laura Varsky about the presence of women in Argentine design, the actions of the design group "Hay Futura" and the social role of the discipline.

Laura Varsky is a graphic designer and illustrator graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. Dedicated to the design of records for the independent rock environment and for the publishing market, she is also the author of illustrated books. She was recognized with a Latin Grammy (2006), with the Excellence Award for Communication Arts (2015) and the 2nd Design Award by the National Endowment for the Arts (2018). As a teacher, he gave workshops and conferences around Ibero-America; taught classes at FADU (UBA) for 10 years and co-directs the first Professional Illustration Postgraduate course at the same institution.

Cecilia Loboda is a student of the Industrial Design career at FADU (UBA), where she also teaches Morphology 1. At the IDA Foundation, she is in charge of cataloging the collection of potter Colette Boccara.

#Epic: Feats of Argentine Design is the multi-format curatorial program with which IDA proposes to review a century of Argentine design history, through its collection and other guest files.


Opinión Experta, Laura Varsky