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Territorio Híbrido

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The exhibition reformulates design legacies and 1930’s Argentine decoration from the contemporary perspective of young creator Cristián Mohaded.

IDA Foundation collaborated with the needed research about Ignacio Pirovano (founder of the MNAD), Comte company, and significant, regional Argentine style pieces like the equipment made for the Llao Llao Hotel in Bariloche. The data found in documents revealed connections between current production and the origins of the Errarázuriz Palace, the building that currently hosts the National Museum of Decorative Art, thus enhancing an already relevant proposal. 

Mohaded takes up the idea of ​​an Argentine design language both at the national level, by recognizing the cultural diversity and productive capacities of the local territory, as well as at the international level, by configuring an understandable image of the Argentine from a Latin American vision capable of being inserted into a global market.

"Territorio Híbrido is a project that proposes the rereading of the Argentine design, understood as the value that arises from the culture of their places and their social processes. It is an exercise of scale monumental, made with original pieces that are characterized by the combination of expert techniques, raw materials of various geographies and the fusion of historical and contemporary aspects", says the curator Wustavo Quiroga in the catalog of the exhibition.

Mohaded’s work is part of the Foundation’s archive, which keeps some of his sketches, material tests, and emblematic pieces made in Argentina and abroad. Alongside Hugo Kogan, he is currently an institutional advisor in the area of products and industrial design. 

Venue: Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo.

Date: From November 12th, 2021 to March 6th, 2022.

Curator: Wustavo Quiroga.

Territorio HíbridoTerritorio HíbridoTerritorio HíbridoTerritorio HíbridoTerritorio Híbrido