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Sergio De Loof: Have you heard about me?

As an homage to his legacy and just a year after the opening of his mega-exhibition, the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art will present a book about one of the most provocative and versatile creators in Argentine culture.

The book Sergio De Loof: Have You Heard about Me? will be launched on December 17 as part of the exhibition that shares the same title at the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art, which has been showcased since November 28, 2019 and will continue to be open until February 2021. The publication is a biographical reconstruction of the versatile artist and designer who has become an icon of Argentine under culture. The narrative also examines the period of radical transformations in fashion and social behavior experienced in Buenos Aires during his life. The book, edited by Gabriela Comte and designed by Eduardo Rey, includes texts written by De Loof himself, an introduction by the museum’s director, Victoria Noorthoorn, and essays authored by curator Lucrecia Palacios, researcher Belén Coluccio, and guest contributors Mariano del Mazo, Carolina Muzi, and Wustavo Quiroga.

De Loof (Buenos Aires, 1962-2020), an emblematic creator that defined the artistic aesthetic of the 90’s, was, above everything else, a catalyst of new sociability practices that connected art, fashion, collective management, and community production to the world of big advertising brands and public relations, high classical culture and popular culture.

He created an aesthetic and relationship haven for those who did not match hegemonic beauty, class, sexual orientation, and identity patterns and were outcasts of conventional art, fashion, and nightlife in Buenos Aires through his setting productions, night club promotion, fashion shows, videos, and plays. His permanent aspiration to live the artistic experiences he envisioned using the resources he had at hand created an intangible legacy based on a critical approach that effectively erased seemingly indestructible barriers long-established between beauty and glamour standards and the subsistence economy practiced in the poor quarters of Buenos Aires marginal areas.


Títle: Sergio De Loof: Have You Heard about Me? (Buenos Aires: Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art, 2020)

Texts: Belén Coluccio, Mariano del Mazo, Carolina Muzi, Victoria Noorthoorn, Sergio De Loof, Lucrecia Palacios, and Wustavo Quiroga

Graphic Design: Eduardo Rey

Translations: Ian Barnett and Kit Maude

Institutional Loan: IDA Foundation