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Scotto: "In the 70s, there was a great interest in design, international exchange and a climate of camaraderie"

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For the Opinión Experta 1970-1980 section of the #Epic curatorial program, Ana Waserman dialogues with Ana María Scotto about group actions of experimental design and the institutions that promoted the profession in the 70s and 80s.

Ana María Scotto is an architect from the UBA and Coordinator of the Furniture Design postgraduate course (DiMo) at FADU, UBA, since 1993. She specialized in architecture and hospital equipment. She was coordinator of "DataMamba" for the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires and producer of the Argentine section of the magazine "La mia Casa". Wife of Ricardo Blanco, since 1980 she collaborated with his management as a furniture designer and in his international exhibitions. Since 2018, he has managed his assets around exhibitions, donations and events about his work. In the contest "Urban Furniture Design for the City of Buenos Aires" he obtained a mention together with Blanco, Juan Kayser and Eduardo Naso (2005).

Ana Waserman is an industrial designer, editor, consultant and visual artist. Graduated from the UBA and the Municipal School of La Joya. She has served as design director at the Vacavaliente company (2017 to present), teacher of the Sume Materiales-Vivienda dignna (2009-2012) program and, in turn, was a founding partner of Nudo Estudio, a professional design consultancy. Since 2021, she has been a product editor for Fundación IDA.

#Epic: Feats of Argentine Design is the multi-format curatorial program with which IDA proposes to review a century of Argentine design history, from 1920 to 2020, through its collection and other guest files.