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Planeras Alto Estudio

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In partnership with Alto Estudio, we developed the new IDA equipment.

With the support of Cultural Patronage of the City of Buenos Aires, IDA has devised and implemented new systems to safeguard cultural patrimony, with the aim of optimizing storage equipment and heritage protection. Due to difficulties in the productive sector, the only suppliers of specialized materials for museum and related institutions closed. With the goal of expanding labor supply in the sector, a sustainable wealth management plan was conceived to provide missing technical inputs. Within this framework, since 2020, an alliance was developed with Alto Estudio (Ignacio Pfefferkorn, Leonel Quevedo and Andrés Rodríguez, and the collaboration of Mariano Sánchez) for the creation of specific furniture and implements that expand the functionality of standard equipment.

Among the set of pieces designed are textile roll holders, mobile coat racks, vertical guard tensioners, elements suspensors per hanging, drawers for clothing and large format flooring. This set of equipment accompanies a process of restructuring the conservation spaces of the IDA Foundation. The new Ida Planera provides the following qualities: drawers of 1.70 x 1.50 m, resistant to the load of 60 kg (per tray); specific usability for conservation (ventilation spaces, free tray floor that allows its reconfiguration). Carried out in workshops in Buenos Aires, it includes technical solutions, such as transport by parts and assembly in situ, stackability of modules and handling safety.

With this strategic plan, the necessary resources are ensured to manage the acquis and the work functions according to international conservation parameters, in addition to collaborating with the national market, making the equipment available for future institutional demands.