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Patrimonial Addition Cabinet Óseo

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A selection of original pieces and documents from the jewelry firm Cabinet Óseo has joined IDA's collection.

Since 2004, sculptor Celina Saubidet and industrial designer Marina Molinelli Wells have teamed up to rematerialize organic elements and transform them into breastplate jewelry, small and large-format sculptures and installations. Being both daughters of doctors, they recover the link they built throughout childhood with human anatomy in a playful way to create their pieces.

Bones, organs, skin and fluids take shape in noble materials such as silver, gold and ceramics, constituting pieces that capture fragility and the ephemeral. According to them, "ornaments turn into protective shields inspired by their own nature". Each jewel is projected as a sculptural piece meant to be worn and each sculpture can be seen as a great jewel.  They design unique pieces, limited series and collections. In 2019 they presented "Reinos", an exhibition about their research and experimentation in art and design, displayed at the National Museum of Decorative Art.