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MRA+A study file entered IDA

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We announce the patrimonial income to IDA of the study Mario Roberto Álvarez y Asociados. Mario Roberto Álvarez (Buenos Aires, 1913-2011), was an Argentine architect considered one of the most influential figures of the modern movement and rationalism in the country.

In 1947, he founded the Estudio MRA+A together with Macedonio Oscar Ruiz, Eduardo Santoro, Leonardo Kopiloff, Carlos Ramos, Víctor Satow, Alfredo Gentile, Laura d'Huicque and Miguel Rivanera; which currently continues to be made up of Mario Roberto Álvarez (son), Hernán Bernabó and Fernando Sabatini. Since the 1950s, they have designed emblematic buildings that are part of the urban identity of Buenos Aires: residences, banks, theaters, tunnels and bridges. Already in the 2000s, the study was dedicated to the first closed neighborhoods and the urbanization of Dique IV of Puerto Madero.

Álvarez continued to work in his studio until he was 98 years old. Recognized nationally and internationally, he was consecrated by the American Institute of Architects among the ten most distinguished architects in the world (1976) and Best South American architect by the World Survey / World Architecture (1972, 1998 and 1999). He received the Konex Diploma of Merit award (1992; 2012), the Grand Prize of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Lifetime Achievement Award (1996).

Of the MRA+A projects, IDA protects the less explored and recognized works of its trajectory from the period 1930-2000, such as Radio Aconcagua Mendoza, Mar del Plata Municipality, Gutiérrez Children's Hospital, Coca-Cola and Crush plants, among others. . The important donation is made up of plans, writings, drawings, panels, models and bibliography. Participated in the admission management: Martín Torrado, Ricardo Fernández Rojas and Gonzalo Yerba. We thank Berto González Montaner.

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