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The Monocle Design Awards 2022.| Best design archive: Fundación IDA

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The influential British magazine Monocle awarded IDA to the Best Design Archive Worldwide within a distinction that celebrates the 50 best objects and design projects in the world.

The prestigious London-based publication Monocle selected the best 50 creators, products and spaces designed during the past year and acknowledged them through the event “Better by Design. Monocle Design Awards 2022". As part of the globally selected projects, IDA Foundation received the award to the Best Design Archive Worldwide. The award is meant to recognize and celebrate high quality projects that have a positive effect on our homes, working places, and cities. Award recipients appeared in a special issue published in May. The work accomplished by IDA, institution created by Wustavo Quiroga and Raúl Naón, is featured in the publication, which highlights the Foundation’s successful efforts to preserve more than 1.300.000 Argentine design pieces, a unique feat not only in Argentina but also in all of Latin America. In its impressive facilities aimed at recovering the national legacy of project-based disciplines, IDA safeguards a vast range of relevant design artifacts, including iconic chairs, textiles and wardrobe pieces, communication campaigns and architecture blueprints. Monocle emphasized the broad spectrum of disciplines and media integrated into the archival collection, thus generating a rich and much needed testimony of the diverse and relevant design production achieved in Argentina. It is important to notice that, within the Latin American region, only Argentinian and Mexican projects were selected and recognized by Monocle.