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Material ideas: art and design in the 60's

The publication is based on the academic conferences held during the “Polesello joven. 1954-1974” exhibition at the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art (Malba), which analyzed the connections between art and design during the 1960's in Argentina.

For two days, experts reviewed the links established between both disciplines through publicity agencies, research centers, universities, and entertainment places, such as bars and nightclubs; spaces that fostered the interaction of artists, publicists, designers, and theoreticians of the time.

The conferences featured four main panels: “City”, “Experimentalism, psychedelia, and pop”, “Material and industrial forms”, and “Design and narrative”. The presentations examined specific design, plastic arts, music, and cinematographic examples from sociological, historical, and cultural perspectives. The work was supported by a catalogue of unpublished images; all of which were selected by –I–D–A Foundation.

A series of master classes explained the context of the era, while a platform entitled “documents” displayed first-hand testimonies about processes, objects, and experiences. The program also offered elective activities: a movie program, a special guided tour of the “Polesello joven” exhibit, and a graphic action that sought to recover and boost the decade's graphic legacy.

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Place: Malba, Buenos Aires.

Date: October 1st and 2nd, 2015

Programming: Lucrecia Palacios (Art and Thought Area, Malba) and Wustavo Quiroga.

Production: Maite Paramio

Visual script: Fundación –I–D–A.

Exhibitors: Susi Aczel, Jorge Ciaglia, Cristina Civale, Javier de Ponti, Verónica Devalle, Silvia Fernández, Fanny Fingermann, Rubén Fontana, Jose María Heredia, Rafael Iglesia, Aníbal Jarkowski, Francisco Kröpfl, Reinaldo Leiro, Martín Mazzei, Frank Memelsdorff, Carolina Muzi, Alan Neumarkt, Felisa Pinto, Silvio Plotquin, Susana Saulquin and Oscar Steimberg.

Work on Tomás Maldonado: Oral Archive of Latin American Art (Fernanda Pinta and Federico Baeza). Reading: Nicolás Levin.

Graphic Action: Santiago Pozzi.


Source: Malba.