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Lescano: "Fridl's contribution to the history of design in Argentina was to delve into folk, adding variations to the barracks on the silhouettes and textile experiments that she had already been working on"

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To close the second chapter of Epic: feats of Argentine design, Sebastián Rodríguez talks with the journalist Victoria Lescano about the fashion designer Fridl Loos, creator of pieces that rescue the NOA textiles to apply them in avant-garde clothing.

Victoria Lescano is a journalist specializing in fashion, essayist and curator. He published the books Followers of Fashion, False Dictionary of Fashion (2004), Prêt-à rocker, moda y rock en la Argentina (2010), Hilvanadas Lyrics, how the characters dress in Argentine literature (2014) and Costume fitting , edited by Ampersand (2021). He was a fashion columnist for Página 12 and La Nación Magazine. As a curator, in the context of the "Malba Moda" cycle, she carried out the cycles "Latin American Styles" (2004) and, together with the journalist Felisa Pinto, "Identidad Criolla" (2006). He is currently working on the digital platform "Fashion Events" together with Andrea Lázaro, selected by the Cultural Patronage of the City of Buenos Aires.

Sebastián Rodríguez is an apparel designer. He is a member of the Trends Observatory of the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI), focused on the study of aesthetics in textiles, clothing and accessories. He specialized in the development and production of clothing, coolhunting and analysis for the INTI Trend Circuits. He is co-author of the book Mapa de Diseño Argentino, 101 Designers of Author (San Martín, INTI, 2013). Since 2015, he has been in charge of the asset management of IDA clothing.

#Epic: Feats of Argentine Design is a multi-format curatorial program that reviews a century of history, through the collection of Fundación IDA and other archives. During June and July, we presented the 2nd chapter, 1950.