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José Bonomi's Original income

We proudly announce the arrival of the José Lucio Bonomi (Italy, 1903-Buenos Aires, 1992) collection to our archive via donation.

Bonomi was a renowned painter, engraver, set designer, decorator, publicist, and fine arts teacher. Trained in Spain and France, he established connections with celebrated artists of his time, such as the Paris Group. Back in Buenos Aires, he participated in a graphic artists’ movement aimed at renewing the field of publishing by controlling a complex process that included the creation of cover art and illustrations.

Some graphic artwork made by Bonomi for Emecé Printing House are found within the collection that has been incorporated to the Patrimonial Collection: three original sketches displaying a tempera and ink technique. Those master copies were adapted and used to produce covers for books such as El árbol derribado by Margarita Abella Caprile (1959) and Descubrimientos experimentales by Giovanni Papini (1961). This is a priceless set of pieces and documents that will be duly safeguarded by IDA Foundation.