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The Irruption of Modernity

IDA Foundation was one of the candidate organizations chosen to participate from the Dusting Off Archives initiative. Funded by the alliance between the Williams and Bunge Foundation and the Born Foundation, this financial support was created to aid institutions devoted to safeguard archival material in Argentina in the task of organizing and offering public access to their collections.

Convinced of the vital significance of recovering, protecting, and interpreting cultural assets related to design, IDA Foundation presented a safeguarding plan aimed at providing access and placing value on pioneer collections –Wladimiro Acosta, Antonio Bonet, Ana María Martí Abelló de Bonet–, thus fostering their scientific and cultural promotion.

The project plans to catalogue and inventory documents and pieces to, then, digitize them, while designing and installing equipment meant to preserve material in improved ways and with ergonomic optimizations. The aim is to acquire specialized infrastructure paired with systematized archives that will enable organized access to collections in both our physical and virtual headquarters.

Extension activities aim at boosting curatorial actions in favor of opening archives through a formative program for young teachers, researchers, designers, architects, and historians. The main objectives of the program are to create new job openings for researchers and other design professionals and to foster the circumstances needed to organize future exhibitions.

These patrimonial collections will inevitably acquire more value once they join the historical landmark that will be the Museum of Argentine Design headed by IDA. As key collections, they will support and complement a new narrative of national design; their authors will feature among the first modern and paradigmatic cases that marked the initial stages of the discipline in the country.

For all these reasons and due to this monetary incentive, one of the goals of the project is to enhance the support given to these design pioneers, consolidating their place in the field’s history, thus acknowledging their contributions and innovations to national and international design.


Title: Modern Outbreak
Project: Dusting Off Archives.
Foundation Williams - Foundation Bunge and Born
Date: 2019.11

Archives: Bonet Antonio and Ana María Martí Abelló de Bonet.
Archive Assemblage: Victoria Bonet Marti and Luis Barra Muñoz.
Donation: Victoria Bonet Marti.

Archive: Wladimiro Acosta.
Assemblage: Arnoldo Gaite and Rubén Movia. Custody: Diana Buracchi de Movia and Carlos Gisler.
Donation: Alejandro Acosta y Martha de Acosta.

Head of the Project: Marina Baima
General Coordination: Marina Baima and Gabriela Baldomá.
Patrimonial Management: Wustavo Quiroga.
Execution Team: Pilar Bascarán, Mora Caraballo, Clara Encabo, Diego Gómez Acuña, María Sol Navarro, and Lucía Viviani.
Informatics Development: Bibliohack - Matías Butelman, and Juan Pablo Suárez.