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IDI. Departure point

The exhibition marked the beginning of a group research aimed at protecting, consolidating, and showcasing the original material held by the Industrial Design Institute (IDI). It took place at Rosario's Castagnino Museum as a part of the exhibition XII Salón Diario La Capital and enjoyed the support of the Diario La Capital Foundation.

Achieved with the support of former members, relatives, and –I–D–A Foundation collection, the exhibition revealed the foundational design experience in Rosario: the IDI. The center -which had the Design Institute (ID), created in 1960, as a precursor- was born in 1962 within the School of Exact Sciences, Engineering, and Architecture at the National University of Rosario and stayed active until 2003. It was constituted by a small group of experts and forward-looking students and directed by Jorge Vila Ortiz (1962-1989) and Enzo Grivarello (1989-2003). Its objective was to create a liaison among the university, the industrial environment, and other educational practices, experience, and activities in Argentina and abroad.
Its actions were based on practical cases and well thought experiments. These actions impacted in multiple ways the field of design in interdisciplinary ways, merging it with other areas such as: morphology, engineering, ergonomics, communication, and psychology. It contributed with research applied to social issues of interest that provided solutions to spatial concerns at home, as well as in health, work, and education facilities. Among its most renowned projects are working tools, house instruments, school furniture, public playgrounds, automotive transportation, and business images, just to name a few.
It played a key role within the Santa Fe industrial landscape by valuing and improving the quality of consumer centered products, while contributing to education through the formation of professionals focused on fulfilling particular industrial design tasks.

Place: Castagnino Museum, Rosario.

Date: September and October, 2013.

Curatorship: Marina Baima and Wustavo Quiroga.

Production: Sebastián Fernández Mur and Mauro Guzmán.

Group research: Ricardo Detarsio, Enrique Dreifuss, Mónica Garate, Mauro Grivarello, Juan Carlos Hiba, Luis Alberto Jaime, Rosana Kapman, Carlos Kolher, José Alberto Stefan, Guillermo Verger, and Dora de Vila Ortiz.