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IDA at Mundaneum

Through different activities, the Foundation participated in the past Mundaneum event, Mendoza’s annual encounter of experts, students and researchers of architecture, design, and urbanism from the Americas and Europe.

The most recent Mundaneum event, the well-established annual encounter of Latin American architecture, design, and urbanism, was held in Mendoza from October 1st to the 5th.

As part of this experience, Marina Baima, Wustavo Quiroga, and Juan Ruades presented, in a casual conversation, the institutional project that aims to safeguard, review, and activate Argentine design patrimony. The Foundation also sponsored the Intermittency Awards, a prize meant to acknowledge contributions to Mendoza’s material and visual culture, during the presentation of the book Intermittency: Mendoza Design, edited and co-authored Quiroga and Ruades.

Mundaneum is a renowned Latin American event about architecture and design, where celebrated experts and reviewers of the mentioned fields share their experiences with university faculty, students, and other professionals interested in new trends and paradigms that help conceive life in future urban environments. On this occasion, Mundaneum scheduled lectures following three thematic axes: Sustainability, Responsible Urbanism, and Technology and Modernization.


Place: University Hall, Mendoza City.

Date: from October 1st to the 5th, 2019.

Participants: Marina Baima, Wustavo Quiroga, Cecilia Raffa, Juan Ruades, and María Gemma Sánchez.