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IDA at the FADU-UBA Design Biennial

Marina Baima and Hugo Kogan participated in the university’s latest mega-event with a lecture about the past, present, and future of the discipline.

At the 4th FADU-UBA National Design Biennial (BDSÑ), last August 16, Marina Baima and Hugo Kogan delivered the lecture "New Argentine design narratives”, in which they addressed the role played by –I–D–A Foundation in the preservation of the country’s cultural patrimony and the future challenges that will be faced not only by the discipline itself but also by the institution.

At the same time, in this event, defined by an intense interaction with the audience, they conducted the pre-launching of the book Material Ideas: Argentine Art and Design of the 60’s, co-published by IDA and Malba.

BDSÑ is a meeting point meant to showcase products and foster debate among students, professors, and design/architecture specialists. It was born out of a need to share the work produced in the classrooms at the FADU-UBA.

It is a fact that academic instruction has validated design within the social sphere; however, at this moment, we need to explore design’s fields of action in a deeper way and understand all its connections to the community in order to come up with pertinent solutions for a contexts defined by political, economic, and environmental crisis.

The event, which took place from August 14 to 17, included lectures delivered by renowned local and regional guests, as well as specific spaces for selling products, displaying publications, showcasing microbusinesses launched by FADU students, delivering workshops, and presenting the work produced by members of the university community, among other activities.


Place: School of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires (FADU-UBA).

Date: August 16 at 11 h.

Participants: Marina Baima and Hugo Kogan.