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–I–D–A Foundation is among fourteen institutions recognized by the Cisneros Collection

In a research paper published in the section “Citations and Places” of the Cisneros Collection magazine, Laura Braverman analyzes fourteen institutes devoted to the protection and value activation of Latin American cultural patrimony.

Divided in two parts and entitled “Acquiring, archiving, and activating”, the investigation, published by the institution with branches in New York and Caracas, examines the landscape of model centers –big and small, old and new, public and private- committed to enhance the value of art and design in Latin America.

The curator analyzes the work dynamics, organization, expansion, and collection development of each project, as well as the strategies each space uses to share the cultural patrimony with audiences.

The centers featured in the study are Espigas Foundation and –I–D–A Foundation in Buenos Aires, Argentina; the IAC in San Pablo, Brasil; the CeDoc in Santiago, Chile; the CEDOC-CAVC/MUA in Tegucigalpa, Honduras; the CIRMA in Antigua and the YAXS Foundation in Guatemala City, Guatemala; Pinto mi Raya and theArkheia Documentation Center of the MUAC-UNAM in Mexico City, Mexico; the Benson Collection in the University of Texas, the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles, the ICAA in Houston and the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, United States; and the ESCALA in Colchester, England.

In relation to –I–D–A, Braverman describes the key aspects that defined its foundation, such as its origin, goals, members, the different types of pieces and documents in the collection, and their classification system. In one of the passages, the author emphasizes the Foundation's innovative vision: “In –I–D–A everyone understands that design goes beyond classic classification that mainly highlight discipline and medium; its perspective focuses more on traceability, the process, the results, the social profit, and the identity: in the broad conception of material culture”.


Original article “Acquiring, archiving, and activating”: Part 1 and Part 2