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–I–D–A at the 2019 TDMG

–I–D–A Foundation will participate in one of the most important Latin American design festivals by interviewing Martín Churba and Bondi Group, who will share the ideas and experiences that constitute their respective projects.

As part of TRImarchi 2019, the annual design interdisciplinary forum that will take place in Mar del Plata, on November 1st at 13.15 hrs., Marina Baima will chat with the creators of Tramando, Martín Churba, and Bondi Group, Iván López Prystajko and Eugenio Gómez Llambí, about the conceptual and material quests of their respective enterprises as well as about environmental, political, and social issues related to the discipline.

For the 19th year of this event, created by Sebastián Valdivia and Pablo González, the organizers have planned a campaign to support and boost –I–D–A’s initiative to create a Museum of Argentine Design.

The institutional project for this new space stemmed out of a generalized appraisal of the field and the gradual understanding of both its disciplinary branches and its cultural relevance. The main challenges of such a project, aimed at achieving global positioning, relate to fulfilling the demands of the local design community and successfully activating the heritage within a context defined by the constant appearance of new tools, mediums, and formats.

TRImarchi will take place between the 1st and 3rd of November showcasing lectures, exhibitions, and workshops, among other activities, that seek to motivate the lively and creative audience that each year travels from different regional spots to Mar del Plata.


Place: Sea Lions Promenade, Mar del Plata.

Date: November 1st at 13.15 hrs.

Presenters: Marina Baima and Wustavo Quiroga.

Participants: Martín Churba, Iván López Prystajko and Eugenio Gómez Llambí.