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The History of Graphic Design: 1960–Today

Using material provided by IDA, Taschen edited The History of Graphic Design: 1960–Today, a publication about the great renovations in the field of graphic design from the 1960’s until today.

Titled The History of Graphic Design: 1960–Today (Colonia, Taschen, 2018), edited by Julius Wiedemann, and authored by Jens Müller, the German printing house launched the second volume of the complete chronology of international graphic design, which starts in 1890 and covers up to our present time. It is, indeed, a unique map of visual design development built out of thousands of significant pieces along with the biography of hundreds of key project managers.

The volumen, which begins reviewing the 60’s production and finishes examining the present one, shows, along its 480 pages, the development of a creative field that has never stopped transforming and challenging itself. The book includes pieces created by the Argentinians Juan Carlos Distéfano, Rubén Fontana, Guillermo González Ruiz, Ronald Shakespear, Gustavo Pedroza, and Alejandro Ros, as well as special sections devoted to the iconic Graphic Department of the Torcuato Di Tella Institute and to Edgardo Giménez. Part of the local material featured in the publication belongs to the IDA Foundation Image Bank, from which Müller selected different projects matching specific languages for each period.

Through a remarkable inclusion of different world regions, this exceptional compilation of creations becomes a visual narrative of different historical stages that shows the huge influence graphic design has played in daily life and human surroundings.


The History of Graphic Design: 1960–Today (Cologne, Taschen, 2018).

Author: Jens Müller.

Chief Editor: Julius Wiedemann.

Images by Argentinian authors: IDA Foundation.