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Historical review of Argentine Design in the 2017 SBD Catalogue

With images provided by –I–D–A Foundation, the Argentine official design award Sello de Buen Diseño (SBD) incorporated in its 7th edition catalogue a text that reviews iconic cases of national design.

“State, Industry, and Design in the Republic of Argentina” was the chosen title for the historical review of local production since the rise of BKF –created in 1938 by Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan, and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy– up to date.

Through the presentation of multiple virtuous experiences, the text shows the significance of state sponsorship for the enhancement of production in the field. To fully grasp this idea, it is necessary to understand the work performed by the Industrial Design Research Center (CIDI) between 1962 and 1968, while being managed by the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI).

Reproducing the same categories SBD currently uses to distinguish products, the written review includes items by Fate, IKA, Tauro, Noblex, Aurora, Siam, Buró, Comte, Six, Stilka, Ilum, Modulor, Colbo, Perel, Verbano, Hartford, Juvelo, Grafa, Alpargatas, Visconti, Fototrama and Bagley, among others; it presents designs by Silvio Grichener, Ricardo Detarsio and Enzo Grivarello, Frank Memelsdorff, Roberto Nápoli, Hugo Kogan, Ricardo Blanco, Edgardo Giménez, Celina Castro, Reinaldo Leiro, Martín Eisler, Sui Aczel, Jacobo Glanzer, Colette Boccara, Alberto Churba, and high quality studios such as Cícero, Agens, Metadesign, and López&Romero.

Since 2011, SBD –in its role as a tool of the National Plan for Design– encourages and boosts national production by recognizing projects that stand out for their innovative nature, their participation in local sustainable production, their marketplace positioning, and their quality.

See SBD 7th edition catalogue – 2017


Art Direction: Sebastián Feinsilber.

Graphic Design: Claudia Suboch and Emmanuel Pan.

Illustrations: Iván Longhini.

Historical Images: –I–D–A Foundation.

Editing: Carolina Martínez, María Laura Sainz, and Matías Camalli.

Historical text: Wustavo Quiroga and Juan Ruades.

Historical text review: Ricardo Blanco and José Rey.