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García: "It is necessary to deconstruct the male canon of concrete art, which has also been approached by numerous women researchers, in order to find other stories of concretism in Argentina"

In this virtual meeting of the 2nd chapter of the curatorial program Épica: feats of Argentine design, the Vice President of the IDA Foundation Raúl Naón interviews the current Chief Curator of the Malba Museum, about the characteristics of the artistic trends of the 1940s and 1950s that impacted carbonate in the discipline of design.

They talk about the magazine Arturo -former of debates around Argentine abstraction in the 1940s-, and its relationship with other publications such as Nueva Vision, Habitat, A and Conjugation of Buenos Aires. They also analyze the articulation between design and modern art, through projects such as Good Design for Industry promoted by Jacobo Soifer, the meeting of creatives that took place around the Cerrito building and the importance of figures such as Tomás Maldonado, defender of the modern paradigm. You can see the interview on our YouTube channel.

María Amalia García is a Doctor and Graduate in Art History from the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (UBA), teacher, associate researcher at CONICET and Chief Curator of the Malba Museum. She is the author, among other titles, of Abstract Art. Cultural exchanges between Argentina and Brazil (Siglo XXI, 2011).

Raúl Naón is licensed in administration and the vice-president of IDA Foundation and Fundación Espigas. Between 2011 and 2014 he was a member of New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Latin American Acquisition Committee. He participated in the formation of the most important archive about Argentine concrete art, focused on the work of Tomás Maldonado, and the appraisal of both an apartment of the Helios building by Wladimiro Acosta and the workshop of the Buenos Aires House of Studies for Artists by Antonio Bonet. He participated in the re-print the facsimile of Arturo magazine –along with María Amalia García and Espiga Foundation–.

Ph: Alejandro Guyot para Malba

“EPIC: feats of Argentine design” is a multi-format curatorial program that reviews a century of history, through the collection of Fundación IDA and other archives.

Marita García