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Fototrama at San Martín’s Photo-Gallery

Entitled “A Shape’s Distance”, the first retrospective exhibition of Fototrama system is currently in display at San Martín Theatre’s Photo-Gallery showing pieces of immense patrimonial value borrowed by IDA.

The exhibition “A Shape’s Distance” will be shown from June 27 to September 29 at San Martín Theatre’s Photo-Gallery. Curated by Ariel Authier, Bruno Dubmer, and Lara Marmor, the display reveals the work carried out by Fanny Fingermann and Eduardo Joselevich within the field of communication through their greatest invention: the Fototrama system.

In the exhibit, visitors will find sketches showing processes of image geometrization, photographic records taken by professionals like Humberto Rivas, historical murals, and reprinted posters, among other pieces of great value provided by IDA. The showcase was praised by Glenn Lowry, the director of the New York MoMA (United States), during his recent visit to Argentina.

In 1963, Eduardo Joselevich and Fanny Fingermann created the innovative modular system that enabled the production of big-sized posters. Its mechanism consisted of a re-usable plastic set of pads pressure-fitted in aluminum frames. Fototrama was a pioneer representation and image production model that had an impact on urban landscapes due to both its sustainability and the resource it used, very much like the pixel has become in the digital era.

This product, one of the leading aids in visual communication not only regionally but also Latin America, Europe, and Asia, merged graphic and industrial design for advertising purposes. The system was used in the most disparate projects: in the Eros Hair Salon front and in the City Bank signage; in around two thousand YPF posters which were placed all over the country and in India’s stand in the iconic Seville Expo ’92 (Spain).


Place: San Martín Theater Photo-Gallery, Buenos Aires.

Date: From June 27 to September 29, 2019.

Curators: Ariel Authier, Bruno Dubner, and Lara Marmor.

Patrimonial loan: IDA Foundation


Source: San Martín Theatre Photo-Gallery