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De Loof at the Modern Museum

By the end of November, the exhibition “Sergio De Loof: Have you heard about me?” will open at the Modern Museum. This will be the first exhibit devoted to review the career of the artist, one of the most provocative and multifaceted Argentine creators.

From November 28 to April 20, 2020, the Buenos Aires Modern Art Museum will host the exhibition “Sergio De Loof: Have you heard about me?”, which will review the career of the artist, designer, video producer, photographer, stylist, set designer, and painter, one of Argentina’s most disruptive creators of the last two decades.

The artist has been interested in following the processes of sociability and pleasure, as well examining the complex link that exists among art, money, and identity. De Loof has created a "beautiful" fashion for “the poor and the ugly,'' owners of dissenting corporealities and the sensibility of minorities.

The display, planned by the “king of the underground” himself, counted with the curatorship of Lucrecia Palacios and material provided by –I–D–A. It will include records and pieces from the fashion shows, night spaces, collages, and photographic interventions he has produced since the 80’s, while also reviewing his poetry and theatre work.


Place: Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires.

Date: From November 28 to April 30, 2020.

Curator: Lucrecia Palacios.

Material provided by:–I–D–A Foundation.