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Cora Groppo is at IDA Foundation

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We share the income to IDA from the patrimonial fund of Cora Groppo (Buenos Aires, 1971). His collection of garments, pieces of communication and digital archive are part of the donation.

The work of Cora Groppo, a clothing designer from the University of Buenos Aires, stands out for her strong search and research, in favor of a morphological diversity developed from avant-garde molding. Guided by a creative process that transcended her collections, the games of volumes and modular lengths, the structures developed with unconventional accoutrements and typological deconstructions are notable in her pieces.

Between 2003 and 2019 he directed his own brand together with Ramiro López Serrot, and marketed his garments in different parts of the country and also in Italy, the United States, Spain, France, England and Japan. In 2009, he opened a store in Piazza Spagna, in Rome, Italy. He made three consecutive presentations at London Fashion Week, the Cibeles space in Madrid and Fashion Week in Paris, and participated in successive editions of BAFWeek and Designers Look in Buenos Aires.

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