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Carballo: "The Textil Art from Santiago del Estero is a pioneering and emblematic cultural legacy"

In this 2nd installment of # OpinionExperta on video, Constanza Martínez interviews Belén Carballo to talk about textile art from Santiago del Estero, and its importance in the 1920-1940 period, which covers the 1st chapter of the curatorial program “Épic”.

In the interview, Belén explains the origins and influences of the blankets, the diversity of pieces, their iconography, and how these ancient techniques are transmitted to this day. She also emphasizes the importance of spreading the textile art of the mountain as a pioneering and emblematic cultural legacy, which reflects Argentine history.

Belén Carballo, founder and director of Argentine Ethnic Art, currently coordinates cultural, social development projects in Santiago del Estero. Alongside Ricardo Paz, they research, recover, and promote handcraft furniture and textile pieces for the Monte project. During April, we will discuss with her about the significance of textile production in Argentina's North Western region as a way to revalue artistic and cultural native creations.

Epic: Feats of Argentine Design is a multi-format curatorial program that reviews a century of history, through the collection of Fundación IDA and other archives. It has the support of Cultural Promotion-Patronage, granted by the Ministry of Culture - Government of the City of Buenos Aires. During April and May, we presented the 1st chapter, 1920–1940.