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Argentine furniture design and production 1930-1970

Martha Levisman presented her latest book, published by Argentina's Contemporary Architecture Archive (ARCA), about one of the golden periods of Argentine industrial design.

The work, based on original archive documents and unpublished images, examines a fertile period for furniture design and production in Argentina.

Levisman, a protagonist of the era defined in all Latin America by the import substitution economic model, explains the trajectory followed by main designers, many of them architects, whose creations invigorated the local landscape.

Dozens of pieces, featuring the BKF seat by Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan, and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy; César Jannello's W chair; the furniture possessed by Bariloche's Llao Llao Hotel designed by Alejandro Bustillo; and the *Anticorodal *chair by Gerardo Clusellas, are used to present the exciting history of local furniture and their creators, along with their influences and international impact.

Other fundamental episodes appear as well, for example, the Fair of America that took place in Mendoza on 1954. Important anecdotes related to these events are revealed by the author, such as the connections established between Austral Group and Le Corbusier.


Book: Argentine furniture design and production. 1930-1970 (Buenos Aires, ARCA, 2015)

Author: Martha Levisman.

Text correction: María José Eyras, Nahuel Sugobono y Fundación –I–D–A.

Photographs and images: ARCA, –I–D–A Foundation, Daniela Mc Adden, Mariángeles Sidero, Andrés Barragán and Horacio Coppola.