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This public legacy reaches a broad audience through a specialized database that boosts knowledge and encourages the exchange of ideas.

It is a tool that enables the visibility and access to the Foundation's content; it is essential for the promotion, interpretation, and diffusion of design. The systematization of the material makes browsing through documents and cultural assets an easy quest. Currently the database holds thousands of resources -images, videos, and audios– that depict almost a century of Argentine design though authors, enterprises, and institutions that have built the discipline's project development, productive and social history.

Focusing on usability, the storage of both archive and collection in an online repository enables the material to reach researchers, publishers, curators, critics, journalists, entrepreneurs, professionals, teachers and students; a key requirement to encourage skill training and learning, production, outreach, and critique specialized in design.

The classification system used for each sub-section of the collection has its own structure. This arrangement derived from collaborative work among designers, curators, and researchers linked to the project and intends to respect and highlight particularities related to all actors involved and the interactions established with other thematic units.

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